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Welcome to the Caduceus Province Forum
« on: February 04, 2015, 10:23:18 PM »
Greetings and welcome to the Caduceus Province forum

Caduceus Province was formed when House Asclepius became a major house within the Avance Coalition in Year 7 and took responsibility for what are now the sectors of Stensen and Bri`ahl.

During the house's time in charge of Caduceus Province, its members put in huge amounts of effort over the years to secure the planets when the rule change on control was announced, to shield the planets when shielding was introduced, to develop them financially - building multiple taxers and facility income planets - and to develop the production capacity of the sector in the form of shipyards, space stations, mines and factories.

In recognition of the efforts of House Asclepius, Avance's leader Navik Ikron approached Lister O`Smeg, the leader of the house, asking what its intentions would be with the pending merger with the Trade Federation in Year 16. House Vigihan had already declared their intentions to become the fully independent  "Kingdom of Elysia". House Exhilo elected to join up with the Wraiths, and House Valeo opted to be fully absorbed into the Trade Federation.

At the time House Asclepius considered a few possibilities:

  • Create a new faction similar to House Vighan and become a completely independent entity.
  • Join House Vigihan and become part of the Elysian Kingdom.
  • Be completely absorbed into the Trade Federation as Valeo had done.
  • Or, find something in between...

The final decision was to become a "Semi-autonomous state within the Trade Federation". Lister, as leader, would hold the House Asclepius assets and the Trade Federation would hold planetary control. As such no new faction was created so that house members were free to choose their own destiny. Most, of course, joined the Trade Federation, including Lister O`Smeg as a Regional Governor.

The House was committed to remaining an integral part of the Trade Federation while still maintaining the culture and heritage it has developed over the last several years.

In the years since the merger, a lot of HA members have moved on from TF finding new homes around the galaxy or even as an Asim. As such Lister is now organising the recreation of Alpha Medical Corps, the original faction which spurred our medical roots, which was also dissolved in the days since we merged. Hopefully some HA members will find their way back home.

New members are welcome, please feel free to register and join the general community. If you need answers to the security questions or have any queries please feel free to contact one of the administrators listed below by a message in the combine.

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